• Katy's new blog

    Jan 23, 2012

Katy has just recently started her own Blog, to keep her fans updated on her new album, share photos and events from tour dates and show you her favourite tunes. In Katy's own words...

"Hello people them of the internet. Happy new Year. This is my blog. I did have a Tumblr but it was really dry so i thought let me start again on here where i can write more and show you lots of photos and videos of whats going on. My record label bought me a sick camera for christmas (which has a ginormous lens and actually quite scares me just looking at it) so i intend on capturing lots of material on my travels, whilst also showing you some of my favourite tunes and stuff from my every day life that makes me feel something."

Follow the 'BLOG' link up there in the header to go straight to the blog!