Little Red
Crying For No Reason

Crying For No Reason

The New single – Out Now

#TBT My brother and I in Tenerife probably thinking we're in Miami. 🌴🌴🌴

I don't understand why people don't want to respect our planet :(

what happens when we run out of the fracked energy?

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Am I being incredibly naive by thinking this fracking shit is NOT cool! Why can't we put all that money in to renewable energy sources?

Had an exciting meeting with @geeneus yesterday bout the next record :) #WatchDisSpaceGuyzzz

@Lorenzosbeats hey heyyyyyy!!!! Lol

My cab driver is eating flame grilled McCoys and I'm so hungry! They smell so good all meaty and salty! Might have to ask him for one

Finally listening to @TheDangelo Black Messiah 🙏 and I really really like it!

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