Little Red
Crying For No Reason

Crying For No Reason

The New single – Out Now

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#bestcrackerjokeever @secakery Xmas party 🌲
R.I.P the dancing bbm smiley! Emojis need this in their vocabulary! I miss it so much :(
Shopping for the essentials #bottombutter #bustcream
My gorgeous nephew Bertie πŸ’™
I had a moment with a ginger comedian in Islington earlier
Last night at the studio πŸ™ˆπŸ­there was an unwanted visitor!!!
Sometimes I think she's gonna jump out the window #Ruby #SouthwarkPark
Trippy shit at the Rinse x The Tate Britain takeover last Friday
Blue skies in Peckham today #nofilterrequired πŸŒ³β˜€οΈ
🎳Bowling and Baseline 🎳
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β€œ@Mini_milner: Top 6 tracks on my spotify this year @EllaHenderson πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ @KatyB” 😘😘😘

@ThisIsArtful let's make it happen!!!!! Xx

β€œ@WolfofOldStreet: @KatyB yo mate, is this you??” I wish!!!!

β€œ@PhreshMentality: Β£16.99 for passport photos?! You're having a laugh @SnappySnapsUK” teeeeeef

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The amazing @basement_jaxx were bloody amazing last night!!!!!!!!!!!! 🌈
Ultimate #wcw #salma ❀️
I went on a pilgrimage to AMP at Warehouse Project last night! And somehow ended up on the mic next to @anniemacdj & @hannah_wants πŸ’™
Loved watching my cousin Merlin play timpani at the Barbican yesterday as part of the Guildhall Symphony Orchestra!!!! So Proud!!!! 🌟
Oh deer, oh deer oh deer! ... Wanna buy this and sing Tinchy x Chuckle brothers at the top of my voice 🌲
Baby if you got to go away.... Don't think I can take the pain...
#ruby #poser #cavalierkingcharles πŸ’›
When I was a teenager all I used to do was sing lauryn hill and Mary j bilge at the bus stop with my @gigitaylorsutton πŸ’™
Went to see @hernameisbanks on my jack jones coz I'm a hardcore fanboy!!! Such emotion to her songs!! Beautiful melodies and lyrics! Respect for days ❀️
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